How to Bluff When Playing Online Poker



How to Bluff When Playing Online Poker

Playing poker online is a challenge for many gamblers who are used to making money when they wager. These players can make a small fortune when they are playing at the local casino or in a friendly game at home, but online they have trouble getting out of the starting blocks.


Here are a few ways that you can change you fortune and start raking in more pots as you play poker online.


Start by checking the dollar amount of the table that you are playing. Many players are at the highest wagering amount tables and wonder after one bad beat why they are broke. Drop down a dollar amount and the speed of the game is slower and the competition is weaker.


Just because the online poker room has a chat feature does not mean that you have to be using it. The people who use the chat feature are too busy complaining about bad beats, poor hands, or pot bullies, and then they wonder why they keep getting more of the same. It is fine to read the writing and take action, but stop posting your comments.


Stop flashing your hole cards because you are going to set off another player who will target you in the future and try to get back the money you bluffed them out of. Even if you have to fold the best hand, stop flashing your cards to show the table what you did.


Try to eliminate distractions in your game that are draining your bankroll. This means stop watching television while playing, or talking on the phone while trying to make a bet or to spot players tells.


Now that you know the keys to playing poker online, start slow and watch how your bankroll begins to transform before your eyes. Click on situs judi online for more info.